Consistent Learning From Bishnoi People

By; Dewa Gumay

@Goemay, 2006PLANT and cut away, this term hardly kontekstual for depicting condition of policy taker in Indonesia specially Departmental Forestry. Not yet after ending cultivation commitment and custody of forest at conference of climate change in Bali, only after two months, born Regulation of Government (PP) No.2 Year 2008 permitting entrepreneur mining to deforest is covert of Indonesia with paying compensation at the price of banana frying, Rp 300 per meter a yearlong.

What is going on policy taker in Jakarta?. Of course we hope this odd syndrome not be catching at policy taker in Acheh, especially time of policy of moratorium logging is medium in ending. There is a consistency to be being held firmly by Irwandi Yusuf, for example to public that the bearing of policy as product punishing in Acheh is not like conjuror.

Jakarta too frequently bear policy of instant and patchwork. The result is no one going concern forestry program, except continuation in deforesting. Initially public hoped large when conference of climate change in Bali answered was serious governmental Indonesia, by doing commitment and reboisation degradation of carbon gas. Mean Indonesia have made ready to take care of the forest remaining, and also change image as the biggest carbon gas contributor in world from activity of deforestrasi forest.

what can we do, Unfinished of business realize Road Map Bali recommendation result conference of climate change. Governmental returned to publish conversion permit of area protected forest on condition that pay cheap compensation. Since 2004, there are 154 mining concession permit in area protected forest, wide the total reach 11,4 million hectare spread over in 26 Province and 85 Sub-province.

Public Bishnoi

What lose from taker of policy of us?. Act consistence in making and implement policy. Likely government have to learn from many histories how acting consistence, one of them is learning from public Bishnoi, Rajastan-India.

This history noted 300 last year time of Abhay Singh king of empire of Jodhpur command hewing of tree khejri. This comand in Countryside public reject Bishnoi, they do protest by the way of embracing tree khejri. As a result 363 Countryside public people Bishnoi become martyr in effort saving tree khejri as source of life of they.

This action led by a woman so called Amrita Devi and assisted by three the sister, is namely; Asu, Rani, and Baghu Bai. This action named by movement Chipko, in local language, chipko mean embracing.

Action embrace this khejri tree, later become inspiration for bearing it environmental movements in the worlds. In India, chipko movement become inspiration born it movement ekofeminisme Vandana Shiva.

Vandana Shiva have ever written down“ Embrace our trees” at one of the famous page, Staying Alive: Women, Ecology and Survival in India. He cite the sentence from a poem which composed at 1972 by Raturi.

The poem lay open how heroik and the poetic of activity embrace is tightly of tree which done a number of woman of Indias for saving forest from greed of men aggressions. The poem is source of documentation early from what now called as movement Chipko.

Action embrace done by tree Amrita Devi and public Bishnoi India is possible not including action which fenomenal, each and everyone will be able to do this action. More than anything else if related to dependence of us to balance of ecosystem, the choice; save forest or in punching floods, and also in hunting elephant and tiger.

Of course, we will choose to save forest. Like gone through by road Amrita Devi. Same thing also will be done by policy owner, there is no choice except saving ecosystem compared to in punching ecological disaster.

Struggle Of Amrita Devi and public Bishnoi is done in long range of time, and terminated by a x’self martyr action, one tree, one soul. Amrita Devi and 363 people Bishnoi byhead death trained of dress by moment embrace tree khejri tautly. They are martyrs in tip of soldiers swords of empire of jodhpur, India.

Is Iesson which we can pluck from event of public x’self martyr Bishnoi. consistency, Countryside public Bishnoi so consistence maintain bar for the shake of tree trunk khejri from monarchic bulldozer. Amrita Devi have never affected by bargain of affluence of King Abhay Singh, till their soul become the bet.

Possibly this things differentiating between publics Bishnoi with portraits we today. Start from level finite superior downwards, frequently not be consistent in policy implementation which have been made.

Today desist cut away, tomorrow cut away forest again. Today spend policy of saving of forest, tomorrow spend forest exploitation permit. We shall start learning act consistence, before ecosystem we fallen to pieces. Like the one have in examplizing Amrita Devi and public Bishnoi, 300 last year. Become martyr for a consistency. []

# This article have ever in load in Opinion column Newspaper of Serambi Indonesia-Acheh, 6 March 2008


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