Pocut Meurah Intan: Your History Now

By; Dewa Gumay

BETWEEN hundreds of mausoleums Gudang Banyu, Blora, Central Java. There is a very Acheh heroine mausoleum persistent maintain nation prestige and standing. The mausoleum squeezed hundreds of other mausoleum, mausoleum Pocut Meurah Intan.

Pocut Meurah Intan arrested in condition of injuring moment give battle to fight against Dutch in Countryside Biheue, Pidie, at 1902. Because do not want to surender and worryed of continuously inflame war jihad, finally Pocut Meurah Intan thrown to Blora at 1905 and die at 19 September 1937.

Name Of Pocut truely chummy in public ear Blora. But, so see the mausoleum, who is even also will feel griveous: the mausoleum wall abraded. While in around his, citizen mausoleum usualy flossy similar, complete with constrictor fence. Mausoleum Pocut also almost have never been visited by people, do not like within reason warrior mausoleum.

Source Of Newspaper Of Tempo, 12 November 2006 mentioning, Governmental Province Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam have plan ever remove physic Pocut to the ground the birth at 2001. The plan cancel executed by Pocut escrow that x’self is more liking buried in Blora. The escrow have ever been submitted by Pocut to RM Ngabehi Dono Muhammad, friend and chieftain Pocut.

In Acheh name of Pocut Meurah Intan attached is formal in the place of name of area of forest Seulawah Agam year 2001, through by law number 46 which spent by is Government Province, and have been strenghtened before all with Decree The Minister of Forestry of No. 95/KPts-II/2001. Three year before all this forest area in advance specified by The Minister of Forestry with Great Forest garden status passed Decree No.1/Kpts-11/1998.

Great Forest garden Pocut Meurah Intan have long history before specified to become Great Forest Garden. Since year 1930 area of Seulawah Agam have been specified to become area of forest. In the year 1990 Acheh local government, through Head governor decree No. 522.51/442/1990 date of 4 September 1990 forming Great Forest garden team Seulawah.

Wide the allotment reach 25.000 hectare, from the area will be selected 10.000 competent assumed hectare and can represent variety of floral potency, the other physical of potency and also fauna. Simply from area approximating onset of 10.000 ha, only 6.300 ha which specified as wide areal Great Forest Garden, and name of Great Forest Garden Seulawah then in specifying to become Great Forest Garden Pocut Meurah Intan.

Pocut Meurah Intan

Pocut Meurah Intan located in bunch of area of forest Seulawah Agam, apart 70 kilometre from Town Banda Aceh, in mountain forest vegetation domination and Pinus Merkusi. Geographically Pocut Meurah Intan lay in 0525 ‘ Transversal of North and 9540 ‘ Longways East, administratively resided in Acheh Besar sub-province and Sub-Province Pidie, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province.

Situation of topography Great Forest Garden Pocut Meurah Intan in general hilly. Partly small from areal are plain with statuses as free states forests with heights of 0-40 metre to sea level and reside in Mount foot Seulawah Agam.

According to climatic classificaton Schmidt and Ferguson, Great Forest Garden Pocut Meurah Intan included in climate type B and C. Result of record-keeping of average of rainfall per year equal to 67-101 day. Rainfall range from 1.750-2.000 mili metre per year. Air temperature of average of a minimum of 22°C and maximum 30°C. Dampness of mean of 92,7 % per year and air pressure of average of 1.212,1 MB per year or 1010,1 MB per month.

Great Forest Garden Pocut Meurah Intan have various floras types predominated by pines (Pinus mercusii) and Acacia (Acasia auriculiformis) for the width of 250 Ha, and also seagegrass field of area of 5.000 hectare or 20 %. This spreading of floras types almost flatten in all areas, start from beach forest, lowland forest till plateau forest. In around Great Forest Garden met by interspersed with seagegrass field is forests is young.

Various faunistic types there are in area of Great Forest Garden for example: Deer (Cervus unicolor), Pig (Sus scrofa), Porcupine (Hystrik brachyura), mousedeer, Long tail monkey, Bird sri gunting, Bird sempala, Partridge, and Monkey. Despitefully met also big mammal type among others Elephant (Elephas maximus). Spreading of approximant fauna type flatten in all area.

Beside situation of his own potential nature as place of tourism also there are some objects available for enjoyed, for example: waterfall have water heat, source of hot water, cauldron ie juk, brimstone cauldron, briny place of animal, wallow of elephant, house, pool, water divisor channel, stripper barrage ommission of Dutch, wellspring, dale Mon Jasa Ma, Mausoleum Tgk. Lamcut, Mosquito Tgk. Keumuruh, stone bank compile, elephant trajectory, dance stone mount, stone large path, elephant mount, monkey stone, ape playground in morning.

Pocut Your History Now

To hill Seulawah, the nameplate straighten to stand up to challange road consumer for the read“ Great Forest Garden (Tahura) Pocut Meurah Intan”. Around nameplate upstand old pine tree of old age hundreds of year, same view we would meet as far as eye look into, pine tree carpet thousands of hectare.

For roadway consumer from Medan towards Banda Aceh, Pocut is rescuer after approximant of eight hour in take bath ray east coast the sun. For citizen Banda Aceh, Pocut is water availability future guarantee reservoir getting through Krueng Aceh.

Now, a lot have changed from this area, every year pine tree fall down to the ground inversely proportional with the growth. Forest fire, illegal logger, and farm conversion during processing reconstructing after tsunami in sloping many party as cause of destruction of this ecosystems.

We is worryed, cause 27 thousand of 33 thousand household in Banda Aceh answer the demand of water required drink it from PDAM, well, and wellspring. All the source of water come from Krueng Aceh which upstreams in area of Pocut. Not to mention other area, like Acheh Besar and Pidie.

Agricultures farms will happened failing crop as result of dryness and suffused time of the rainses arrive, while planting season calendar will change uncertain. Because, area of Pocut unable to again functioned as climate ballast.

Problem happened of Pocut have to soon looked by the way out. Enableness of public economics about area have to pay attention, and other important things, straightening of rule of law. Because, area of Pocut have girded frill various laws statuses start from Central Government (Jakarta) till Governmental Province (Acheh). Nothing;there is no reason for not to execute law in the commander republic country is law.

If that was not done, no more place of sheltering for road consumer from Medan towards Banda Aceh, burnt by sunshine since get through east coast or the bleak of drinking water consumer future in Banda Aceh, Pidie, and Acheh Besar. Like story grievous Acheh heroine mausoleum Pocut Meurah Intan in Blora, oppressed and flake. Though, the status of national warrior. []


2 responses to “Pocut Meurah Intan: Your History Now

  1. A pretty good descrpion but quit difficult to follow/understood

  2. A pretty good descrpion but difficult to follow/understood

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